How to re-set up iphone *facepalm*
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Setting up a new iphoneSE. Old phone is seriously messed up, couldnt read the verification code so I set up a new apple ID. Then I found a way to read the verification code....

I would very much like to use my old/existing apple account! I’ve tried signing out and tried restoring (?) to no avail. Apple support wants me to call them (nope), and theres no local apple store. I just want to start over and set up from scratch....aaaargh. Or basically get my old phone onto my new. No personal stuff really - just apps. Really dont want to start Hidden Folk from scratch, etc. Hope please!
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You can erase everything on the new phone and restore it to factory settings, then set it up again the way you'd like it.

Apple support is pretty good. I would give them a call (or use the web-based thing and they may be able to call you) if you need them.
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If a restore to factory settings via the GUI is not working for you, you can also do it by reloading the OS via a USB cable from iTunes on a Mac or Windows box. This can be made to work even after forgetting the phone's PIN if you start it in recovery mode.
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