Goalie equipment for the growing teen - help me shop!
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I need to outfit a still-growing teen with goalie gear. They have played other positions in the past when they were a bit younger, with hand-me-down gear. Now, they have signed up for a house league, playing goalie, and we need to get shopping.

What’s worth buying new vs. buying used? Are their pieces I can get away with buying one size to big, that could fit them for this year and next year (if they continue playing)? I see a lot of complete sets of gear for sale on craigslist, is that a smart way to go, or will some pieces likely not fit if body shapes are different? Any pieces to invest and others where it’s ok to go cheaper? Do they really need 'goalie' skates? Any other tips? Thanks in advance
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If you have a Play It Again Sports store near you, that's another option for used gear.
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Does your league supply any goalie gear? If you aren't sure, you should find out.

For house league, I woudn't bother with goalie skates.

Play It again is great. Although for goalie you'll probably want to visit regularly. They may not have all the bits at once.

You might be able to get away with slightly too big shoulder/chest protectors, but you need goalie pads that fit for sure.

We buy everything used except gloves and helmets.
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The league does not supply any gear.
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Yes, you need goalie skates, unless you like being out of position and falling on your ass. You won't be able to crouch as effectively, and that will affect everything else you do. Source: I've played goalie with non-goalie skates before. Also, there's the remote possibility that, because there's more space between the boot and the blade in a non-goalie, the puck can sneak in between. Remote, as I said, but I saw it happen in an Sabres-Leafs game (in overtime, no less!) once.

You should probably buy each piece separately. Body shapes aren't *that* different, but protection isn't something to skimp on. Pucks in house leagues won't be flying that fast, but it'll still hurt. Same thing for buying mis-sized (e.g. too big) gear. Probably not worth taking the chance on.

Another consideration (that probably won't be a factor in house leagues, but just in case) with buying gear too big is that there's been a push recently against oversized gear, and (higher-level) leagues have instituted size limits. Check to see if your league has any rules before buying anything.

The good news is, you're unlikely to be the only person in this predicament. And there are likely to be many others in the opposite predicament; that is, their kids have outgrown their equipment from last year. See if you can contact some parents in the next age group up and see if they have any equipment that would fit your kid. Some rinks and leagues have formally-organized equipment exchange groups.

Otherwise, yeah, Craigslist and Play It Again.
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I would totally start at Play It Again sports.
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You could try posting a request on Facebook, assuming you are on it. Also Kijiji, Freecycle and I'm sure lots of other classified add type sites might be of help.
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Adding to kevinbelt and Enig Lareg: Connect with the parents of other players in the league. I'm sure other parents might be happy to offload gear their kid has grown out of. Create a Facebook group, for example, and post a notice at the rink to get others to join you online.
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