Which translation of The Odyssey?
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I just finished listening to Caroline Alexander's translation of the Iliad, read by Dominic Keating. I loved it. Which translation and reading of the Odyssey should I listen to?

Unfortunately, Alexander isn't planning to translate The Odyssey. I hope to find something that is stylistically similar to what she did. I really liked her approach.
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Ian Johnstone's translation, read by the superlative Anton Lesser
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Def. Emily Wilson’s. I’ve read at least 2-3 versions and hers is the only one I actually liked. Also the 90pg introduction to it is worth reading even if you don’t like the translation.
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Nthing Emily Wilson which I am reading right now. Refreshing, brilliantly clear.
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Emily Wilson's Odyssey isn't in audiobook yet, but supposedly it's in the works - Audible owns the rights.
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I haven't had a chance to read the Emily Wilson translation yet, but I hear good things about it. My favorite translation for reading-aloud is the Stanley Lombardo, which is meant to be read aloud and is much more poetic, I think, than the Fagles or the Lattimore.
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I'm curious to listen to an audiobook of Emily Wilson's translation, but yeah I haven't heard that it's out yet.

My current favorite Odyssey audiobook is Ian McKellen narrating the unabridged Robert Fagles translation. How much of my enjoyment is Fagles, and how much is Ian McKellen ( ♥ ), I don't know.
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For readability: Fagles.
For accuracy: Hammond.
To avoid: Rieu.
Makes mistakes: Lattimore.

Really good: Wilson.
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Best answer: The discussion in this FPP from last year does note plusses and minusses of some different translations.
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Best answer: Update! The audiobook of Emily Wilson's translation is coming out in November, read by Claire Danes:

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Response by poster: Thank you all. This is a great discussion and pointers. It's great to know that Emily Wilson's translation will be available on audiobook soon.
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