Shallow "landing table" style console, stand or pedestal?
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I'm looking for a shallow (and not terribly long) table to serve as a landing spot for keys by my door. 10" or ideally shallower, less than 24" wide , only proviso is that it needs to not seem rickety.

All the stands I've seen so far just look cheap and flimsy. Ideas? No drawer needed.
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"Console table" might be a good search term for you. Here's one possibility. (You can also filter results at AllModern by dimensions so that could turn up other options that meet your criteria.)
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Do a search for "telephone table." It's a piece of furniture that was common 50 years ago, and is now an excellent descriptor for "table next to the door where you put your keys/wallet/whatever."
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Idea - floating shelf, rather than table.
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Umbra Magnetter? Wall-mounted, not a table, only works for certain quantities of keys, but is fairly slick in small spaces.
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Is there a specific reason for a table? Can you not put holes in the walls? Otherwise this seems like a job for a wall organizer. They're specifically designed for keys, mail, etc. Plant stand is another search that may have skinny tables. The small one in this set is the dimensions. Or this. Keep in mind that with a table, if you have a baseboard sometimes it will stick out further from the wall than you think.
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I'd check Etsy for console tables – you didn't give a price range or style so its a bit hard to make recs?
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Another vote for a wall-mounted shelf rather than a table, only because a <10”x24” table tall enough for this purpose would tend to be unstable.
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tall plant stand
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A small 3-shelf bookcase will get close to these dimensions. Standard bookcases are typically about 11" deep. You can go IKEA if you're near one but the basic design is dirt common if you're not.
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I got a shoe organizer and mounted it to the wall vertically at a convenient height with a couple of chunky L brackets. To help carry the load, I made a little stand for underneath out of plywood and painted it to match, but I'm not convinced that was necessary, especially if nobody in your home would ever try to climb the shelves. In any case, it feels really solid, doesn't get bumped around by people coming and going, plus there's shoe-storage!
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I know you don't need extra storage, but if there's an IKEA nearby, look at their Trones. Very narrow, generous flip-out storage, and can be used singly or in groups of various configurations.

My wife and I have lots of shoes, so I have this shoe cabinet by our front door. Trone-like flip out storage but looks more like "furniture." Note that there are legs only on the front so it can be screwed flush with the wall without the baseboard interfering.
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Room and Board's Slim collection seems like it would fit the bill. The legs are long and thin so it might look rickety, but they're extremely solid. I think they also do custom sizes and colors if you want something specific.
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Look at kids furniture for smaller-than-normal items that are just right for whatever-it-is-you-need. I've found the right thing in the kids section at Ikea more than once.
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I am a broken record: Find a woodworker local to you who builds stuff you like and ask them to make one custom just for your situation.
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I nearly went insane hunting for this type of table. I still carry around a tape measure in my purse because every table that looked small enough wasn't.

I eventually settled for this solution, which is a Hemnes Ikea shoe cabinet on one side + wall organizer on the other that I got from tj maxx or whatever.

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