Need help tracking down a person to give them a video
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Went to the great barrier reef in December. Made friends with a girl on the boat and made a deal with her. I'd shoot video of her with my phone (which was waterproof encased) and she'd shoot some of me. Lost the footage. Found it. Now I've lost HER. Looking for some help.

Basically, when I got back, didn't get to editing it for a while and lost the footage. I just found it the other day. So I edited my video and then hers. Only now her contact info - which must have been temporary for Australia - is no mas. Need some help thinking of ways to track her down. I'd rather not do that thing where you post it up on reddit and then it becomes a news story. I just want to do what I promised.


- I only have a first name, Laura
- I know she was half french and half english
- I WAS in contact with her on WhatsApp but my phone eventually bit the dust and I didn't restore WhatsApp chats from a backup
- But it DID sync her picture
- And I tried a reverse image search on the picture but no dice
- Tried the phone number in facebook but no dice
- She said she followed me on IG but I can't scroll back to that notification in December to look

Any thoughts?
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Post a still from the video on IG with a caption that asks her to DM you?
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Check your followers on IG. She should be there if she's still following you.
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If she followed you on IG wouldn't she be in your "Followers" list?
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If she unfollowed you and is therefore not in your followers list anymore, scroll through all the IG pics geotagged and/or hashtagged with the location you were when you met her, on and around on the dates you were there. Maybe you can recognize her from her profile.
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Query the boat company, which may have still-valid contact details from Laura's original reservation. Explain you've got another customer's video footage, and see if they'll forward your information so she can get in touch again.
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Yeah I think she unfollowed. And I went back to the time period around where we met and went looking for anyone who liked my photos who looked like her. No dice.
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