Wholesale Flour in Washington DC
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I would like to buy a 25-50 lb sack of flour in NWDC. The only place I can think of is Costco in Tenleytown, and I'm not a member. I'm limited to metro-accessible areas. Bonus points if it's unbleached white or whole wheat.
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There's no Costco in Tenleytown...the nearest is in Pentagon City. Whole Foods, in Glover Park, Tenleytown, or Logan Circle, will sell you bulk grains.
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Best answer: Restaurant supply store? The Midwest has GFS Marketplace, for example.

Also, you can buy flour online. King Arthur is a good resource.
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Does NW DC not have any normal sized supermarkets? 25 lb bags of flour aren't that unusual.
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I haven't found anywhere that has unbleached flour in greater than 5 lb bags, Costco included. I should try some restaurant supply places I guess.
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Sam's club has 25lb bags but it's not metro-accessible. One in Laurel and Gaithersburg/Germantown.
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There's a costco in tenleytown??? The only one I know if is in Pentagon City.
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Second for Wholefoods in Tenleytown. They've got a bulk grain section and you could talk to an employee for a large order.
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Not quitre NW, but Glut in Mt Rainier.
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Failing all of those options, I'm sure there's a bakery supply store near you. Look under restaurant equipment and/or food service supplies. You might even be able to get a better grade if you can find a specialty foods importer.
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I once asked at Everlasting Life coop, it looks like they've since moved to Largo, and they said that they'd sell me a 50 pound bag of any kind of flour I wanted that they stocked in bulk. I bet Yes! (on Columbia Rd and also on Conn Ave) would do the same if you asked them, and maybe even Whole Foods. Big bags of flour that contain germ ( like whole wheat, or white with the germ added back like they sell in bulk at some coops) need to be used quickly and kept cool, as the germ turns rancid easily.
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