Need two houseplant identifications
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I bought a few plants for the office, and while I was familiar with the spider plant I also bought these two, which had no identity tags on them and about which I couldn't get any verbal identification.

The top one thrives better on indirect light (it didn't look well after a weekend in the office window with direct sun, but I brought it back) and also seems to need more water than the second one or the spider plant. That's basically all I can tell you.
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Oh, and the second one does fine in direct sun for 2-3 days in the window. As does the spider.
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Your first is a fern; there are a lot of similar looking types of ferns and fern species aren't my specialty so that's as far as I can narrow it down for you.

Your second is perhaps a Japanese Aralia (Fatsia japonica). I say perhaps because many F. japonicas have more lobes per leaf and often more serration too, but some have five. I'll be curious if anyone has a different ID though, as I'm not certain.
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The second one looks like an ivy...but like with ferns, there are a lot of varieties.
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The first may be a Pellaea fern - butthere are a lot of Pellaea ferns, common name brake ferns, with many different forms. Are you able to take a photo of the underside of a leaf - close up show a single whole leaf.

For the second one my money's on Fatshedera lizei which is a cross between common ivy and Fatsia - 2nd image from right.
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My best guess for the fern would be Pellaea, maybe 'Glowstar'? But can't quite tell from the pic...
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I agree on Fatshedera lizei and have no guess on the fern.
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Half resolved! Going by photos, the top one's definitely a cliff brake fern. It doesn't much resemble the local ferns, which are mostly Matteuccia species, so I didn't perceive it as one.

The other, nope. None of the suggestions here even get close. It seems like a tough little plant and is producing new leaves at the top, so I'll just go on treating it as I've been doing.

Our studio is in a windowless, airless part of the office, and I bought these plants to bring a bit of life in, but they far prefer the natural light available in the corner meeting room. As would I, if I had a choice.

Thanks all!
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