Looking For Expert On "Operation Yellow Ribbon"
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HI am producing a TED-like event themed "Response" later this year. The speakers I find will present examples of successful large scale logistical events during times of crisis. Examples of this include: Dunkirk evacuation, The Fall of Saigon, The Berlin Airlift, And United Airlines Flight 232 (smaller scale)

I am looking for an expert on "Operation Yellow Ribbon" This was Canada's response immediately after the events on 9/11.

Once the airspace over the U.S. was shutdown, decisions had to be made on where to land the planes still in the air. Especially the transcontinental flights that had gone past points of no return.
Canada immediately put into effect a plan where they could land the planes and keep them grounded until it was safe enough to allow planes and passengers back into the states.

It's a story that I've never heard of until recently and would like more people to know about the event and how decisions are made under extreme pressure.

It looks as if there are no books written about this event. Asking MeFites for suggestions.
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There are at least two books (and a Broadway musical, Come From Away) about the Gander-specific part of Operation Yellow Ribbon; The Day The World Came to Town is a pretty good account of the experiences of passengers, flight crew, and local residents in Newfoundland. If you're looking for something that deals more with the institutional/logistical aspects, Transport Canada has a report on the experiences of its staff called Four Days in September.
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