what American flag is this (with 40something stars in circles)?
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About 3 minutes into this video, behind the speaker, you can see an American flag with perhaps 43 or so stars. What is this flag?

The wikipedia "Flag of the United States" page shows historic US flags but this one does not appear ( the "US 38 Star Flag concentric circles" flag from 1877 comes close but it's not the same ). If you can tell anything about the history of this flag, that would be nice too.
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Medallion flags were around during the Civil War. Also, in the West during the 1890s.
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I believe it’s the flag Steve Schmidt is discussing in this tweet:
It’s a 45 Star flag and was indeed the flag the United States fought the Spanish American war under. It is a Utah statehood flag and I live in UT. It flew over the Presidencies of GC, a New Jersey native like me, and McKinley and TR
The pattern of the Stars was discretionary until 1912. That is called a medallion wreath pattern. Find the website of Jeff Bridgeman. You will find lots of examples.
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Thanks! That looks exactly right.
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For future reference: When I visited Disney World a few years ago, I noticed that Main Street USA was covered with 45(?)-star flags. Even the cast member I asked didn't know why that was - but a bit of googling discovered that technically, they're not flags, and thus aren't expected to be taken down at night, illuminated, and all of the other stuff that's disrespectful if you don't do it to a flag.
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I noticed that flag, wondered about it... and promptly forgot.

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