Casual party games for karaoke
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I'm having a karaoke party for my birthday. I'm looking for games that are good for a group of 10 ish people (give or take) that serve as some other entertainment besides the singing. I want it to be casual and not forced, like a thing people can do if they're not singing or watching.

If they were icebreaker-y or chatty also that would be good because most of the people are from different parts of my life and don't know each other. We'll be in a private room and most of the people are kind of introverted.

So far I got notepads for Exquisite Corpse/Paper Telephone. Does a game like Apples to Apples seem fun/realistic to play with noise?

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Fishbowl! This is always my go to.
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If you have access to a TV connected to a computer/firetv/androidtv the Jackbox Games are always a blast with a crowd. Many of the games even offer audience participation if everybody doesn't want to play but people want to join in a different way. This needs everybody to be on the same IP subnet as the computer, people play the game on their phones/tablets/computers.
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Bingo cards! I don’t know how you’d structure it so it was fun and not mean but I bet it could be done.
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This might be what you mean by 'paper telephone', but Line - Draw - Line or Telephone Pictionary.
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I highly recommend Werewords, which is less then $15 on Amazon right now. It's a game of hidden identities that uses the familiar game of "20 Questions" as its mechanic. Alternatively, you could say it is 20 Questions dressed up with intrigue and deceit.

--A companion app on your phone manages all the gameplay
--It handles up to 10 players
--Each round lasts only about 5 minutes
--Players can jump in and out after each round
--Whether you want to talk a lot or a little, you can play your personality

I've brought it out for board game lovers and board game haters, and it's been a huge success with everyone.
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Jenga is great for this
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Do you have space for a small (300-500 piece) jigsaw puzzle on the side? Get it started and leave it for others to pick up.
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Out Of The Loop! This is an app that you only need to have on one phone and anywhere from 3-9 people can play at one time. There's a free version.

It's kind of like a cross between 20 questions and Password. At the beginning of each round, you pass the phone around to each player and they shown the "secret word" in the given category you've selected for that round - EXCEPT for one player, randomly selected by the app, who instead gets a message that they are "out of the loop" for that round. The "out of the loop" person has to pretend they know it, though. Then each player asks one other player a question about that mystery word - the app tells you who to ask, and what question to ask. (They can ask a follow-up question for clarity if they like.) The "in the loop" players are all trying to figure out who's "out of the loop", and the "out of the loop" person is trying to figure out what the word is. After you ask the questions, the app gives you a couple minutes to speculate on who's in or out, based on their answers - then you pass the phone around again while everyone votes on who is "out of the loop". The app then reveals who won the voting - and also who was the "out of the loop" person. then the app gets the "out of the loop" person to guess what the word was (from a multiple choice list). People get points for voting/guessing correctly accordingly.

I wandered into a session of this at a games festival in NYC a couple weeks ago; I ended up playing about 8 rounds in a row because it was so fun.

The app come with one category free, and there are in-app purchases for more categories. The genius is that only one person needs to have this on their phone and it's an easy concept to pick up, so you can just have it on your phone ready to whip out whenever.
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Literally played this at a karaoke venue several months back.
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Also stacks of various old trivia game cards. People have tons of fun just trying to answer the questions even when not playing the games.
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