Choux me your desserts
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I've gotten really good at the following techniques: choux, Swiss/ French/ Italian meringues as well as the buttercreams one can make from those, creme patissiere/ mousseline, sugar work, creme brulees, cheesecake, pie crust, genoise sponges. What are your favorite recipes incorporating one or more of these elements?

I've made eclairs, profiteroles, cakes, and croquembouche. Anything else out there that's a magnificent dessert I should try? Any recipe books I should get? TIA!
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Not really a dessert, but if you want a pastry on the savory side, it's a simple step from choux to Gougères
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This is not a cake but more of a stack of chocolate things. It's the most impressive thing i've ever made.

Don't be intimidated, you are totally capable with the skills you listed. Takes about 6 hours of work total over two days.
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Also French style chocolate mousse (dense, not fluffy) topped with creme brulee. You have to do the stovetop and chill custard, not the water at set. Set the mouse overnight, custard the next day, and once it's set do the sugar top.
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Best answer: If you were my local friend, I'd request a Charlotte Royale, please.
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Best answer: Choux au craquelin, if you haven't made those yet.
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Will you please make me a pavlova? It looks amazing and I want to try one.
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Best answer: Opera cake, if you haven't already made it.
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Profiteroles, please!! About 12 would do.
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Best answer: This only uses a few of the techniques you've mastered, but this dacquoise (video here) is a real show-stopper. The recipe is behind a paywall but it has been reproduced many times in newspapers and blogs and is pretty to easy to find with a little searching.
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This chocolate mocha cake is very impressive (and rich, so serves a crowd). Recommended for special occasion birthdays.
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Best answer: Not a recipe book, but watching Zumbo's Just Desserts, Great British Bakeoff and Great British Masterclass, if you haven't already, will give you lots of ideas. Especially Zumbo's. Many of the contestants and judges have recipes published online.
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Response by poster: Thank you! All of these are great, and also give me ideas on other recipes to try. I've marked as best answer the ones I think would be most challenging to me, although all of them look scrumptious.

nkknkk and hydra77 if you live in San Diego, I'd be more than happy to oblige!
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Um, I live in San Diego and I love fancy baking projects, if you need another pair of hands!
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Pavlova. Pavlova. Pavlova.

It's both simple and complex. And delicious.
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