An American with 24 unexpected hours in Munich
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I was supposed to be stopping in Munich for a couple of hours on my way to Krakow, but the Munich airport was a disaster today and it turns out I can’t get on a flight to Krakow until 9pm tomorrow. Bummer! But maybe not, because I’m on a work trip, so my annoying expenses are covered. Snowflakes after the jump.

I’m staying at Fleming’s Hotel München-Schwabing. I’m ubering there right now.


1) The airport wouldn’t release my suitcase and I only have the clothes I’m wearing. Is there a nearby place, something like Target, where I can grab some clothing and necessities?

2) What should I do with my unexpected time in Munich? Is there something especially cool I should see? I like history, nature, coffee, open-air markets, and books.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!
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1) no :-( not that I can think of, sorry. Deodorant can be found at any grocery store though but not many open past 8 and most closed tomorrow. I’m sure your hotel can help.

2) Go to Marienplatz and check it out and have a beer at Viktualienmarkt pronto!
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But maybe also borrow an umbrella from the hotel, it’s starting to get blowy...
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Oh! And for tomorrow you can probably find open an open grocery store at the Hauptbahnhof but again maybe there is a closer one your hotel can recommend. English garden is very nice to spend time in as well... for a lovely meal you can go to shapeau and the customer service is amazing.
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It's going to be difficult to find any shop that's open on a Sunday in Germany. Exceptions are often the shops at gas stations and train stations and the like.

I haven't been to Munich in ages, but the one museum I would visit there if I had a single day is the Deutsches Museum on science and technology. It is large enough that you could spend a week there without getting bored, but even a few hours will well be worth it.
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+1 on English Garden, also stop in a convenience store and get some still water, as it is freaking hard to get in restaurants, and you WILL get dehydrated.
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I just sent you a pm :-)
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Go downtown. The train station will be open, and it is basically a fully functioning mall. German law allows shops serving travellers' needs to remain open on sunday (you can buy beer in Gas stations.) Then go to a Beer Garden, or in indoor Bierkeller. Or both. The Augustinerkeller offers the full blown Bavarian experience. Drink some beer, eat some pretzels (they are good) and decide what your tolerance for Oom-pah music is.
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