Is "A Winter's Tale" (by Mark Helprin) available on Audio Book?
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I have physical handicaps which prevent me from actual eye-to-book reading. I desperately want to read A Winter's Tale, but I can't find it anywhere on Audiobook. My question is: Is it available anywhere, and if so, where?
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Have someone read it to you? How big is the book -- I'd consider recording an mp3 of my voice reading the book to you, although I'm not a big fan of my voice :-)
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Audible has it for under $15.
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Whoops, sorry, wrong tale.
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Download an ebook version and use the Microsoft Reader Text-to-Speech Package. It doesn't quite compare to the nuianced delivery of a professional actor, but if you're willing to exercise your imagination, it could work quite well.
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That's one of my favourite books and I know that this is not what you're looking for but there are two audio interviews with the author here that may be of interest.
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sounds like you should be eligible for they give people who are unable to read print access to download books in formats that are compatible with automatic voice reading and braille applications (after supplying written proof of a print disability and paying a modest annual subscription fee).

and turns out The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare (i hope that's what u were looking for) can be accessed by free.
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sorry! i made the same mistake as showmethecalvino. u'll have to register to access Mark Helprin's book.
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Anyone who can't read standard print is eligible for free books from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. They'll mail you books on cassette for free, give you a special tape player and record books you request, within reason, if they don't have them already. Each state usually administers this program through its own state library system.

This page has a search where you can find websites and phone numbers for the state libraries.

A quick search of a few state systems turns up copies of A Winter's Tale at most of them.
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Thanks everyone! I'm getting signed up for the program for the blind and physically handicapped in my state, and they have the book! I had no idea how helpful this website is.
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