Why is my Pixel 2 mic so sensitive?
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I have a new Pixel 2 (the small size). Using a headset, I've noticed that it picks up a lot of background noise on phone calls. How to search for a solution?

I received a "free" Pixel 2 from my carrier in exchange for continuing my expiring contract. I had a Nexus 6P before, and one of the reasons I changed phones was because the mic didn't work well unless I used a headset.

The Pixel 2 seems to have the opposite problem -- using a headset (Sony MDR-XB50AP/B, with the USB C adaptor), the Pixel 2 seems to capture all of the background ambient noise it can.

I've already had people (that I'm talking to on my Pixel 2) complain when I made a call at a coffee shop that there was too much background noise.

This morning on a call, the mic picked up noise from other parts of my house.

I can't figure out how to search for a fix, because the Pixel 2 mic usually has other problems, such as cutting out, or listening to closely for Google Home commands (not the same problem).

Any ideas?
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Obvious question #1: does this problem happen with multiple different headsets?
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Response by poster: Thanks... We only have this particular model of Sony headset in the house (it's durable and has decent sound). I'll experiment if I can.
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Is this the same headset that worked with your Nexus 6P, or did you also get a new headset?
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Response by poster: It's the same headset, thanks. The only difference is the UBC mic / headphone adaptor (provided by Google with the Pixel 2)
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Looking at this thread - seems like a pretty widespread spectrum of symptoms around audio input - both with built-in mics and adapters. Looks like no clear answer now.
  • Support will have you reset/erase the phone. Doesn't appear to work.
  • Some are getting hardware replacements. May or may not work.
  • Some are (??) blowing into the bottom mic (??) and reporting that it solves their problem. Sometimes technology and magic are indistinguishable.
  • Some are reporting that a new Android P beta has solved their problem.
If I were a betting man, I'd say it's probably a software issue that pops up only on certain hardware, and it is getting fixed in the new beta. But at this point there are a lot of other unhappy people in your boat - affected handsets seem basically unusable, and a replacement phone may have the same issues.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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Response by poster: As per troyer's link (thanks for that!) it may very well be the USB adaptor:

I figured mine out it was the headphone usbc that does that I made a call with my head phones and used mic on there then when I disconnected it my Google Assistant and phone calls worked normal I think it's a plug and play type of issue happening with the headphone converter
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