Turning a Galaxy Tab 2 Into a library point
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I got gifted a Galaxy Tab 2 recently and it doesn’t fill a need my phone/iPad can’t cover. Ware some alternative uses for the thing? I want to turn it into a dedicated New York Public Library e-book and audio book point of access. What apps or downloads would I need to do that? (We plan to use it as a house and we both have NYPL accounts) What other ways could I make it into a “here’s where you get access to free media” point?
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Your best bet is to just ask the NYPL. Email or chat would probably be best so they can just send links. Here's a link to their Ask a Librarian page: https://www.nypl.org/get-help/contact-us.
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Libby is what they're pushing now, I'd start there and then go to this page and see how far it gets you. I'd read this article for other alternatives (apps to get and places to get ebooks) and keep in mind the DRM environment is weird so even though there are lots of ways to read ebooks on your device, there may be different paths to get there depending on where you get the content and what features it has (lent, bought, gotten for free).
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