Do solar shades block all UV rays?
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Uva and UVB

I think I read somewhere that UVA rays are the most harmful while uvb is what causes tanning. I'm looking for some solar shades for windows in my office that have too much sun coming into it and it can get physically uncomfortable to sit in the office because of it. But there's also a nice view and I'd rather not block the view.

Solar blinds come with different levels of openness. 0% blocks the view outside entirely, up to 14% which provides highest visibility. I'm not sure if the openness affects the amount of harmful rays that come through or if it only controls the amount of view you get without affecting anything else.
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You should have minimal UV going through a glass window. Glass is essentially opaque to UV.

It's infrared (IR) radiation that's causing the heating. IR is harmless, except for warming you up. Solar shades block some fraction of the IR radiation.

I know the pages selling solar shades talk about UV. They're wrong.
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A quick search turns up a number of sources that claim UVA is not always effectively blocked by glass (although UVB and UVC usually is).

As for the shades, it'd depend on how they operate. If it's like the ones I've seen at my workplace, where it's a thin mesh that allows some light to pass through, I'd expect that they just reduce the amount of UVA light to a similar degree as visible light, since there's nothing filling the holes that transmit light.
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Response by poster: I know UV is not blocked by glass because I tan when I'm exposed to the sun in my office for too long. If resources on google are to be believed you can't tan naturally without plenty of UVA exposure.
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