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I've spent the last ten years desperately flailing, career-wise, and need some help. Please give me your recommendations for coaches/career coaches who can get me on track for a productive, fulfilling life.

I need help both in the very big picture (defining what my skills are and what I have to bring to the table, deciding what career will give me what I want) to the on-the-ground tactical (how to go about looking for jobs, how to formulate my schizophrenic resume, how to pick a graduate program if I decide going back to school is the right decision). Thank you!
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It would be helpful to know what kind of style person you'd feel comfortable working with. Do you think you'd like a gentle nudging to think and act in new ways or more of a hard-nosed task master?

Which gender of coach would you prefer?

I found Creative Choices to be very helpful. Carolyn is right around the corner from you in Alameda, too (assuming your profile is correct).

I have a couple other coaches in mind, too - one in the South Bay and one in San Francisco.

Advice can be more specific with more info...

Memail me if you're more comfortable responding in private.
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I have loved working with Erin Ewart. She does group and individual coaching and the group coaching she's started doing as virtual sessions. In her group series you will get to address all of the concerns you mention and you'll get to work with supportive peers.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions thus far. RW, I'll memail you.
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