Birchbox, but not so make-upy? Lush, but a subscription?
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I've done two months of Birchbox and I love the idea, but they don't have much for a cis woman who doesn't wear makeup. Who does?

What I like: the price. Getting a monthly box of little spa-like treats to go through with my tween daughter (who doesn't wear real makeup yet). The quality of the samples, when they're relevant to me; they're packaged nicely, and aren't one-use foil packs.

What I don't like: all the makeup, e.g. rouge and eyebrown pencils, even after I've written to the company asking for other options. Birchbox Men seems to have a lot of stuff that's about beards, and I don't have a beard. Also my daughter and I aren't men and getting a box that says "MAN" on it instead of the nice beach scene would be less fun.

Is there something like Lush's skin and bath products, but a subscription for US$10 - $15 a month? Gendered female or neutral, but not masculine?
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Just want to link to this list of beauty subscription boxes (sorted by price); there are plenty that offer fun treats (masks, bath stuff, etc.) without the makeup.
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cratejoy is a good source for monthly subscription boxes - they compile them from all over. Here is a link to their "Beauty & Fashion - Bath & Soap" category.
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You might like Bomibag! I get the bigger version, Bomibox, which usually has several full size products but is $38. Bomibag is more sample and travel sizes for $20.
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There’s indie soap/bath and body product makers on Etsy who do this.
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Petit Vour is a little spendy but it’s more skin and hair care oriented and very well curated (I work in a beauty-adjacent job and the folks I work with looooove it). It’s also cruelty-free!
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We quite like Bath Bevy for bath products specifically.
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You may like Fortune Cookie Soap! It's a lot of fun.
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When I got tired of Birchbox, because I wear very little makeup and have enough samples to last me a good long time now, I switched to Lip Service which sends me a monthly gourmet lip balm, along with a couple small goodies, for $5.95/mo. I go through STUPID quantities of lip balm (dry lips!) so this is PERFECTION for me! Plus I've found some lip balms from some small makers that I really like and want to buy a bunch of!

They're also easy to hand off to friends -- when I have too many lip balms or it's a flavor I don't like, it's super-easy to say, "Hey, I got this chocolate mousse lip balm in my subscription box this month and I thought of you, do you want it?" Everyone does! Everyone uses lip balm!
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I hear you about Birchbox. It's frustrating to have your style profile filled out in a way that clearly excludes an entire category of products and yet those preferences don't seem to factor much into the monthly sample selections (looking at you, hair care stuff—I have a pixie cut, Birchbox, please stop sending me "beachy waves" spray).

Bomibox/bag gets a lot of great reviews, and I've heard good things about Beautique Monthly as well but have never tried it myself.
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Seconding padraigin's recommendation of Petit Vour - I stopped subscribing because it was too much spa stuff and not enough makeup (there was a fair amount of nail polish though). What makeup they sent was pretty light-touch (tinted lip balm, very subtle mascaras), so some it might be appropriate for your daughter if she's interested in makeup but you don't want her wearing full-on makeup yet.
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The Margot Elena Discovery Box isn't cheap, but it comes out quarterly and includes a TON of high-quality stuff in really great packaging. I love that you can use it all, but I also like to stash away stuff for gifts.
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