Best shoes ever - BBBB design on sole?
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I have the best shoes ever - the perfect simple black leather ballet flat, except they're sadly degrading and have a hole in the side. It's time to replace them, but I can't figure out what brand they are. They have a design on the sole (pic here:) which is four B's in a square. Any idea what brand they may be? If it helps, they were purchased in Canada from a slightly upscale shoe store which carries a wide variety of shoe styles.
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I suppose it could be Bill Blass. It uses back to back Bs in the logo (not offset and not that font but the difference could be due to the usage). They sell pricey flats.
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Looks like the B from Bloch to me.
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Seconding that's the "B" for Bloch, known for ballet flats.
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Best answer: Looks like Bloch is the winner, this foldable ballet flat has the same logo on the heel.
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Response by poster: Thank you all!!! They're ridiculously expensive for a pair of flats but they've held up for 3 years of near-continuous wear and make my feet happy.
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Yay! I don't think the cost is so bad when it's averaged out over 3 years...I buy cheap flats at Payless every six months and probably spend the same amount over time.
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