Cactus patterned men's button down?
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Yesterday I was with a visiting professor who had the coolest shirt. Our relationship is too tenuous for me to reach out to him to find out where he got it, but maybe one of you MeFites can help me snag it for my husband for his birthday?

Details: Possibly Korean in origin?
Cream, collared, long sleeved button down
Very tiny subtle graphic print of several different types of cacti in green
The fabric looked like natural fibers and not technical fabric.

Any help? Google searches have brought me some fantastic shirts but none of them are the gorgeous restrained cactus shirt of my dreams!
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Is it the one from Old Navy?
posted by amro at 6:43 AM on July 26, 2018

I saw one similar to that in Marshall's but I don't recall the brand name. It was a plain colored shirt (possibly cream) with a subtle texture (like pale green stripes) and an all-over scattering of little line-drawing cacti about 1/4 to 3/8 inch tall, at least 3 or 4 different shapes. Marshall's had a lot of shirts that day that were in that general scheme, with differences in background texture-pattern, and in what the objects were (paper airplanes, boats, origami, animals, etc), but I remember admiring the cactii.
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There's a similar-sounding one at The Gap too, I believe.
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Maybe this Bonobos shirt?
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The Old Navy one is very close - the one he had was a warmer white/cream and featured several different types of cactus, including saguaro, prickly pear, and organ pipe. The print was smaller and less dense than the Bonobos shirt, which I will be stalking to see if it comes back in stock. That's beautiful.
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Our relationship is too tenuous for me to reach out to him

Unless he said something like "HOLAG, it was nice to meet you but our relationship is too tenuous for any further contact that is not strictly required by our jobs," or was an overt dickhead to you, this very very probably isn't so.
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So many short sleeved options! Was it a long sleeved version of this?
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Orrrrr this
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or perhaps potted cacti?
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