Help me ID this Broadway song -- possibly Sondehim?
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I'm thinking of a song but can't find it. It's a comedic ode to New York City, sort of like "all these terrible things; god I love this town." I think it's Sondheim, but from a show that failed or otherwise isn't one of his classic hits. It's definitely a musical theater song, sung by one person. Halp!
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No, though I see the stuff in the middle which is similar. I feel strongly that "God, I love this town" is a lyric.
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Are you thinking of "Another Hundred People" from Company? It partly matches your description (Sondheim, about NYC) but it isn't really comic.
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That was a Year, Road Show (prev. Bounce), Sondheim?
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Sondheim's That was a Year from Road Show
God, I love this town!
Don't you love this town?
It's got all of these
Can't afford to turn them down
Some may not work out
Some go up the spout
Many more around the corner
And what's waitin' 'round the corner
Isn't that what life is all about?
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Also, no. I also feel pretty certain about it being from a failed show, unlike Company. Also feel pretty certain about it being a one-person song.
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For more context: I heard it sung post-9/11, where it was definitely presented as a sweetly ironic "New York is the best place in the world"-type message. If that helps anyone.

Maybe it's not Sondheim...
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There's a Sondheim song like that with the chorus "with your love, what more do I need?"
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Ah! Thank you, fedward. That's it.
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To summarize, it’s What More Do I Need? from Saturday Night, Sondheim’s almost-debut musical, cancelled when producer Lem Ayers died.
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