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For which Democratic campaigns can I volunteer by texting from home?

Text banking for Dems is fun and works very well with my schedule. I can do it in between or while working on other things. I know you can text bank for the Beto O'Rourke campaign from home and I've been doing that some, but I'd like to do some of this for other campaigns, too, especially in close races.

Googling has not been terribly informative. Do you know any other Democratic campaigns that utilize at-home text banking? I prefer progressives, but at this point I will volunteer for any Dem with an anti-GOP agenda and a decent shot at getting elected. I just want to get the cover up caucus out of there.

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Best answer: Kevin de León is signing up people to volunteer, and one option is to text for him.

How do you feel about volunteering through a third party?

It looks like Sister District Project is going to be doing this, but they aren't ready to start quite yet.

Build The Wave is preparing to start campaigns on behalf of Democrats in 25 Congressional races.

That's all I could find for now, but it looks like the season for this hasn't quite started. I would bet that in six or eight weeks you'll be able to find a lot more opportunities.
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Best answer: Beto O’ Rourke in Texas!
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Best answer: Justice Democrats
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Best answer: You might also try contacting Hustle directly and ask them if any of their clients need volunteers.
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Best answer: your local Party offices ?
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Best answer: Rapid Resist provides text support to candidates all over. They are especially good if you want to support down-ballot candidates running for state legislatures.
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Response by poster: You guys, this is fantastic! Thank you! I am marking all of these are best answer because all of these suggestions are leading me good places. I am really excited to be able to help in as many campaigns as I can and I am trying to coax all of my family members into doing some, too.

I've signed up with Kevin de León and am looking into the third party services as we speak. Those look like a great way to do this, too. I'll be doing at least one of them.

And yeah, I am especially looking forward to helping in down-ballot races, brookeb. Postcards to Voters got me really enthused about working in smaller races.
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