Instant Pot Filter: Jiu Niang
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So you've made jiu niang in the instant pot! I want your recipe/directions!

You: Have eaten jiu niang, have made jiu niang, IDEALLY: made jiu niang in the instant pot!

I grew up eating the Chinese version of jiu niang, not the balled up Vietnamese type. I've helped make it so I'm familiar with the process (but lets face it, mostly an expert in eating it) but can it really be made in the instant pot? I mean I see it called out specifically as a setting under Yogurt but...really? My google-fu is failing me and I'm not finding too much about IP Jiu Niang.

Tell me how to make this happen!

Note: I have the instant pot duo.
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Man their customer service is great. I was impatient and looks like no one here is going to have an answer anyway. For anyone reading this in the future:

Looks like it can't be completely made in the inner pot (starting step 3, separate container) but.. I dont see why the fermentation liquid couldn't be mixed with the steamed rice and left in the inner pot?
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the fermentation liquid couldn't be mixed with the steamed rice and left in the inner pot?

"After the steamed rice cooled down to below 35°C/95°F, mix the cold water and yeast
powder with the rice thoroughly in the container."

--I'm sadly not familiar (yet) with the dish, but pretty sure that's indicating that the rice will have been at normal steaming temps, i.e. far above 35°C, and that would kill the critters that are going to deliciously ferment your rice.

When you press the "yogurt" button after adding the yeast, it will hold it at some warm-but-not-hot temp (~80°-90°F?) which lets fermentation proceed relatively quickly but does not harm the yeast.

Honestly this is still a big win right? Because the separate cup part is very small and easy, and takes place 30 min after starting the steam. The fact that it can do this (and yogurt) makes the pot more attractive to me!
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Right, the rice has to cool down first. But after that I dont see why it couldn't be mixed with the fermentation liquid in the inner pot. Maaybe, the inner pot would get too hot, and heat wouldn't be distributed softly/evenly enough. Which would then necessitate using a separate container and filling the inner pot with water.

It's kind of a win, I was actually thinking it could somehow magically get me this delicious bowl of goodness in like an 1hr, somehow speed up fermentation but clearly I'm smoking a pipe here. It's still a win since I can steam rice in this thing! Kind of wish I had gotten the 8qt IP now because I would rather make large batches instead of small ones (the separate container needs to fit in the inner pot and be small enough that it doesn't cause overflow... we used big ass pots to make this stuff growing up).
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