Waiting for dress. Am I being too impatient? Please advise.
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I ordered a dress online from an indie label that ships "at least once a week" two weeks ago. Haven't received email that dress has actually been shipped. Emailed to confirm once, no response. Am a little worried. What are my options?

Me: in Japan. Indie business: in Canada, ethical environmental friendly stuff. No reviews from people saying "my item of clothing never came" as far as I can find.

I ordered the dress on the 8th, received an automatic email confirming the order and saying I would be emailed again when it shipped, immediately followed by an email from the owner thanking me for the order and offering to answer any questions. I haven't received the email saying it's shipped, sent the owner a one line message 5 days ago to ask if it had been shipped yet, no response.

This is a first for me. Am I being too impatient? I know it will take a while to get here, even with expedited shipping, but the radio silence is making me worried the dress will never make it over. I've received no information for tracking my order, and I have no login to store to get more info.

My tentative plan:
Step 1: Email owner again with "my order #, when I ordered, haven't received an email that it shipped, just checking in."
Step 2: If 1 doesn't work, ping business on social media maybe?
Step 3: If 1 and 2 don't work, try to cancel payment on credit card (I am unsure whether I can do that, it's a Japanese credit card and sometimes the rules work differently, but I'll ask my bank)
Step 4: Write a review saying "my item of clothing never came," give up.

Does this plan seem OK? What is a reasonable timeline for doing this (eg, do 1 now, or do 1 in a week. Do 2 a couple days after that)? It would not be a serious hardship to me if I didn't get that $100 back, but I strongly prefer to get this lovely dress in return, so I don't want to annoy or overwhelm the designer.

I know I am probably overthinking things. I appreciate your advice in this trying time. Thank you.
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If it's an independent owner, something personal may have come up. Have they been active on social media in the past few days? I think your plan sounds good, that's what I would do, giving them one more chance to respond privately before going to social.
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Are you sure the dress was already made and not made after you ordered?
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OK, wait, I just checked the owner's Twitter. I didn't notice before, but they seem to be having a rough time the past week.
Welllll, hm. I don't want to stress them out.
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I could have sworn I ordered a ready-made dress, but now the item is listed as a Fall 2018 "pre-order" where the order ships when stock is ready. And the email shows I ordered a Fall 2018 item, so: the pre-order.
Thanks! This makes me feel better. Dress is not in Canada limbo. Dress is probably being made.
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