Can I transfer my years-long journal out of Evernote?
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I need to move my large cache of daily journal entries out of Evernote - where and how?

I use Evernote for a lot of things, and journaling daily is one. Now, however, I'd like to move my journal to a more secure platform. Since Evernote doesn't allow password-protection of individual notebooks (I know about note encryption but it's not practical with hundreds of notes), I don't feel safe even opening my Evernote on a shared computer or device. So I'd like to do two things: find a secure journaling app or site that works on the Mac and iOS devices, and easily transfer my several-years' worth of Evernote journal entries into said app or site. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Oh geez, I should also mention that my Evernote journal entries all have photos included, and I'd like the new app to be able to include images.
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If you don't need offline access, you can export the notes to a Wordpress blog - there are several plugins that will pull directly from Evernote into a blog, or I found this writeup on doing a bulk offline export of a large collection of notes.
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I love Bear.
NYTimes article with brief overview of Bear and some alternatives.
And, guide to transferring from Evernote to Bear.
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Slipthought, Bear looks very good but I can't find that it's currently password protected; do you know otherwise?
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I found it pretty easy to transfer my Evernote library to Apple Notes. After that, I can interact with the Notes through any of my MacOS or iOS devices, or through the web by way of iCloud.

You can also lock particular notes as you see fit.
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You want Day One. It's the Mac and iOS journaling app.

Using the free IFTTT service, you can Transfer your Evernote notes to Day One, though it might take a bit.

Good luck. I've ditched Evernote completely, and I do not miss it. I just wish they let you actually delete accounts. (Maybe they do now, because of GDPR...)
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Bear is tied to your iCloud account. I do not sign in on my computer, but I'm assuming that's because it's also on my iCloud account? I cannot find any options in settings for password protection of individual notes, but I did see some chatter online that the option is coming soon.
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I think Day One is what I was looking for; thank you SansPoint!
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