I'd like a Breedster invite. Anyone have one to give?
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I'm also wondering about any other cool social networks that are not commonly known, to which I may gain membership to. Thank you.
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Best answer: Consumating seems cool to me; I don't use it because there are probably less than ten people on it that live in my state, but it looks neat nonetheless.
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Linked In is the big one, but getting an invite is tough.

I know someone who has and account, but he's not about to give me one.
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Best answer: I'm starting a project dedicated / related to this sort of thing. Not another social networking site, but a tool related to the category.

It has a total of one user on it, and it would be a blatant self link of a very beta "product" if I posted it, so I will refrain unless there is consensus that that is "ok". I do hope for it to make ad revenue one day.

That said - the main social networks are of course: myspace, friendster, yahoo 360 and to an extent, livejournal

There are also these (commonly known to AVID internet users, but not random people on the street):
facebook, orkut, xanga.

Finally, there are the much less talked about ones like gothicmatch and other "subculture" based sites like that and the one youarnothere posted.
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Orkut is not cool.
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Why is Orkut not cool? Please enlighten. Thank you very much.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's comments. Regarding Orkut - it's bloody awful. It's fugly, the server is slow and crashes like nine-zero, and it's being overrun by Brazillians (not that I have anything against hot Brazillian women, au contraire, but let's have some variety).

The thing is, I need invites to some of these. I'm left out in the cold, gazing longingly through a frosted window. I want in! (please)
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I don't think Linked In is particularly exclusive; I've had about half a dozen invites from clients and colleagues. It does tend to be used more for business networking than socialising, though.
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You can just sign up for Linked In; it doesn't require an invite. Not sure what Disillusioned was talking about.
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I kinda "collect" social networks, although I use different usernames on them and/or my actual real name. Anyways, most aren't that difficult to get into.

The toughest time I've had was getting an invite to ASW, which I finally did through a friend-of-a-friend. Good thing, I guess....they've now locked down new invitations for the foreseeable future and have announced that they will be "re-evaluating" the current membership. Yikes.
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Best answer: LinkedIn is primarily business networking in my experience with it.
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The Social Software Weblog must be mentioned, which is the home of the Social Networking Services Meta List (though the list seems to be having display problems for me at the moment).
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There's a basic social-network Achilles heel here, which is that maintaining quality is good so exclusivity has value, but without some inclusivity you fail to get enough members to experience network effects (i.e. where it's useful). So an "unknown but cool social network" is something of a misconceived target.

If there's a specific community you want to be a part of, there may be a site catering to it, but it isn't necessarily likely that it will be well-populated enough.
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You're all talking about social networks that aren't necessarily known as well as others, but I figured it'd be interesting to bring up those which are extremely well hidden and pretty much totally unheard of outside their niche.

Other than the usual hacker or deviant ones (sexual deviants socialise somewhere, unfortunately), deep in the underbelly of the net, there have been, and are, communities for the self proclaimed elite of many areas. I somehow got access to one several years ago (after having done a favor for someone on IRC). It was totally locked and anonymized to the general Web, but if you used some obscure URL and a weird combination of usernames and passwords, you could get into this crazy forum with about 5000 ridiculously cutting edge and far out designers all throwing their crap back and forth. It was really fun but one day it mysteriously died and disappeared.

I'd love to find more of these sort of backwater things on the net, but, well, since they're never publicized it's a case of 'knowing the right people' I'd say. FilePile was a little similar too, I guess.
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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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Why is Orkut not cool? Please enlighten. Thank you very much.

If you join, I hope you enjoy getting constantly bombarded with friend requests and messages and spam written in Portuguese. I deleted my account a few months back because I was constantly receiving messages (at least a few a week) that I couldn't understand. If you're Brazilian, it's very cool. If you're from anywhere else, you'll just be annoyed, unless you can speak Portuguese.

Than and the server reliability issues others have mentioned. And the purple. Ogod, the purple.
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a friend wanted me to sign up for hi5 the other day, but i stick to myspace
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Slight derail, what is ASW like Vacapinta? I've often wondered. Is it a magical celebrity wonderland?
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