Help me find a cute butch haircut
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Hit me up with pics of cute butch/tomboy haircuts. Specs: am forty+, am a white lady with kinda babyfine dark brown hair that is now shot with a small-medium amount of silver/grey, of similar but slightly coarser texture. I’m a bit overweight and a jeans and t-shirts kinda person.

I’d like some variant of short in back long on top but not fully shaved/faded, I can do that myself when the time comes. I would like a sorta dykey nineties Jake Gyllenhaal thing maybe, but not a nineties kd lang oddly enough? I will do almost zero maintenance or styling. I can imagine rubbing some product into it and that’s about it. Show me some cute cuts to show the barber (they also cut women but are a hipster barbershop).
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In my early genderqueer days of 2013 I was hella inspired by Tomboy Femme
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I LOVE Hannah Gadsby's hair.
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This is my fav rn.
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Well you will definitely need mousse or product for 90s Jake Gylenhaal hair but you could do it.

Lea Delaria has a great cut that can be dappered up or more casual and looks great either way.

You could get it razor cut

go old school

Or get some colored highlights.
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I'm personally partial to hairstyles like David Tennant's hair from Doctor Who on women.
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I can do that myself when the time comes.

Have you tried cutting your own hair the way you want it now? It might not be for you, but I would encourage you to not give up before trying.

For me the main issue is shorter= need help in the back but longer in the vein of 90s JG I can decently approximate myself with some practice.

The thing is, nobody knows your hair better than you, and within a few cuts you will become the most qualified person to cut it. Also at the lengths we’re talking, most mishaps can be rectified within a month.
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You know, I used to be a "I can do that myself" kid, and then my wife found a good barber and started looking really sharp, and I finally caved and started going to him myself. I'm notoriously cheap and I've been happily handing him $30 a month ($20 cut, $10 tip) while I'm growing out my undercut. (We'll not talk about March, when I tried to do my own hair, which I've done mostly successfully before, and ended up just having to buzz it all off again. Which was fine, but it set back Operation Grow My Undercut Back Out. So that's my two cents worth on the barber/not barber conversation.

Anyhow, this is me right now, and I'm a 40s white chick with gray coming in that I'm ignoring and some extra chub. It might be shorter than you're going for right now, but I just him "I'm growing out the undercut, leave as much length on top as you can and clean up the sides". I've almost got it long enough that I can comb it over, or I can put a little gel in it and get that messy spiky thing going on.

I was also pretty happy with this when I had more up top to work with. And this was freaking fantastic, though totally shaved on the sides.

It's pretty hard to go wrong with an undercut; if you can tell them how short you want the back and how long you want the top, a good barber should be able to do the rest with ease.
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Try image searching for "pixie undercut" :D
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I went to a salon and said really really short at the back, shaved high, with a long swept fringe at the front, and showed him pictures I'd saved on Pinterest (pixie butch haircuts, fine hair lesbian, were some good keywords!) And walked out with my favourite haircut yet. Pinterest is the best for sourcing specific hairstyle photographs, and what you want is a pixie variation.
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I don't have a specific photo, but I always end up going through the Fat Girls, Short Hair tumblr for hair inspiration before going for a haircut. Hopefully there is someone on there with your perfect cut!
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