What are the hottest improv shows now in Chicago?
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I'm taking the IO Theater's intensive improv summer program right now in Chicago. Awesome fun. Me and my classmates are looking for recommendations on the hottest improv shows. Standup too. I've seen Improv Shakespeare and was blown away. Also Hitch*cock and Matt Damon Improv at Annoyance Theatre.
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I haven't seen Improv Shakespeare, but I've heard it's maybe the best.

I am really psyched about seeing Baby Wants Candy tomorrow night at either 7 or 9:30 at Second City. I think they focus on music improv, but my limited experience with music improv is that it's mainly using the same skill set as non-music improv, plus there's some music.

I saw one of the Second City conservatory level 6 shows recently -- I think it was Tuesday -- and it was really really fun. It's sketch, not improv, but watching it you'll see the relationship and it might be inspiring. I enjoyed it more than the Second City mainstage shows I've seen.

Also, I'm in a group that's performing as part of The Collider Improv Competition on 7/28; I don't know how it will be, but there will be 8 groups each performing 15 minutes. Plus a prize. Even if the quality is uneven, you can see a variety of styles and games and ways of putting together sets -- and how a competition is run, maybe you can take that idea back home. Come, maybe vote for us, we're the ones with the name that's also a cognitive bias, although we're newbies probably enjoying that same cognitive bias.

Finally, for something a little different, the theater sponsoring The Collider does long-form dramatic improv. I took my honey to their last show and it was really different and pretty good; started kind of slow but built and was ultimately satisfying (they also have a $5 workshop you can attend on Sundays). Their new show opens tonight! I don't think you'll see this anywhere else.
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I should say: my honey really loved that show at Theater Momentum (the long-form dramatic improv). I'd done some of the workshops so maybe I wasn't as surprised by how good it was.
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I saw Improv Shakespeare (at the Del Close theater?); It was great. Slight disrecommendation for Shark Tank the musical, as it will get the shark tank theme song stuck in your head, and the show is mostly not improvised, except the audience participation bits.
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Improvised Jane Austen was recommended to me recently by a co-worker who runs in those circles. I haven't made it out to see it, but I think the run was extended.
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Follow up: Baby Loves Candy was _wonderful_.
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