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I could like Gmail putting events on my calendar but I can't stand the 11:30 pm alerts. Is the only option to uncheck the event in calendar settings? In my perfect world it would come over with no alert set.
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Try going to Google Calendar on the web. On the settings page (the gear icon at the top right), under General / Event Settings / Notifications, set to Off. I think this will do what you want.
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Exogenous' method will work, but I think you'll stop getting any notifications that way. I'm reading your question as you just want saner times for events automatically getting added from GMail. You can change the default alert time (or turn it off) for events added to each calendar independently through the Web interface.

Assuming events from GMail are going on your default calendar, go to Settings for the calendar (hover over the calendar name on the left, click the three dots, select "Settings and sharing". Starting at "Event notification" you can change to remove default alerts settings there.

Hope that helps.
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The Google Calendar default is set to something like 30 minute notifications, which for All Day events ends up being "at midnight" which causes the 11:30pm notification.

Exogenous' method will let you change the default notification to, say, 6 hours which would alert you at 6pm. If you set it to "Off", then events created on that calendar will default to never alerting you.

For any specific event, you can override any of the default settings for specific events by setting extra or deleting the default event notifications.
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You can change when and how Google notifies you for events. But another option that I personally use is I have one "calendar" for events I want to receive notifications about and one for events I don't want notifications about. Your Google account can have as many "calendars" as you want. I have a personal one, a work one, one that logs health events I want to track and I've imported ones from external sources with events I may want to attend, etc. On your computer, on the left, hit the plus sign and "add new calendar." Then you can create a new calendar with the different settings you want.
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