Bed bugs or not bed bugs?
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I can't believe I'm asking one of these, but here we go. Bed bugs or not bed bugs? Pictures: one, two, three. Bugs found in the floor cracks of my wooden floor, about 6-8mm long, kind of look like mini beetles, dark blackish-brown color except for one that apparently got bleached by drying out in the sun.

Yes, I have reason to suspect a bed bug situation (I have bites of some kind, and neighbors have recently had bed bug issues), but firm evidence is somewhat lacking (no obvious blood or feces yet). If these are clearly bed bugs, then I can at least have a course of action.
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These look like black carpet beetles to me, a curse which I have confused w/bed bugs many times. Bed bugs are round and flat generally (these aren't) and translucent (these aren't) and ribbed. Here's a black-looking bed bug, which still looks very different from your specimens!
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no, those are some sort of beetle. (I don't know what kind of beetle, I live in a binary bedbug/notbedbug world.)
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Not a bed bug. Source: Had an infestation a bunch of years ago and believe me, you learn to identify them.
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Most definitely not a bedbug. This is based upon clear presence of elytra, which bedbugs do not have. Also when you can tell by squishing one: bedbugs don’t crunch, these will, because they are beetles.
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Those are definitely beetles. Carpet beetle hairs cause rashes and allergies in some people.
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Glad to hear it. Gonna set out a sugar-water-yeast bed bug trap just in case though. Fingers crossed.
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I never used it so I'm not the person to outline how to set it up, but you could put diatomaceous earth down as a "barrier" to kill bedbugs that might come in from your neighbor. Check and other resources. If you do that, make sure you get the kind that cannot be accidentally inhaled.
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A while ago I found some pyrethrin-laced diatomaceous earth. Don't use it around food or inhale it, but it is doubly effective for insect control.
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Carpet beetles can irritate skin, with small bites or bumps.
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1000% not bed bugs. After seeing them up close and personal (that was a lovely day), they are unmistakeable.

That said, not seeing bedbugs doesn't definitively rule out bedbugs, and it's good to keep investigating if you're getting unexplained bites. Little bastards are very, very good at hiding. Even the pest guy we called in almost didn't find them. But there are tons of other things that can cause bites/rashes... hopefully it's something else in your case.
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Welp, after setting out a trap and sleeping in the living room for 3 days, I am sad to report that I did indeed catch a live bed bug. Oh boy oh boy.
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My sympathies. You will get through this. Bedbugger is your friend.
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ahhh yeah, there it is. I'm sorry. Good luck.
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Update: we just moved out a few days ago. I was still finding live bedbugs in my trap after 2 separate heat treatments, likely from the neighbors or somewhere else in the walls. At least the landlord paid for the treatments and let us break the lease with no penalty. Good riddance.
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