Monsieur Mangetout, Where Are You
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I'd like to write an article about frenchman Michel Lotito, a.k.a. Monsieur Mangetout, a.k.a. the guy who got into the Guinness Book Of World Records By Eating A Bicycle. Better yet, I'd like to interview him. But I can't seem to find any contact information for him on the web -- in fact, I can find very few articles about him at all, aside from his Wikipedia entry and a bazillion nearly identically-worded factoids on assorted "zany facts!!' webpages. You'd think a professional entertainer would provide an easy method for getting in touch, but, if he has, I'm unable to find it. How do I go about finding an email address for celebrity from Grenoble, France?
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Best answer: Well, you could try calling all the Michel Lotitos that live around Grenoble:

Lotito Michel
525 chem Levet 38330 BIVIERS
04 76 52 27 76

Lotito Michel
6 all Cerisiers 38640 CLAIX
04 76 99 70 79

Lotito Michel
2 r Fernand Rouvière 38000 GRENOBLE
04 76 46 21 50

Lotito Michel A proximité
356 chem Vieille Eglise 38660 SAINT VINCENT DE MERCUZE
04 76 92 31 60

Lotito Michel
5 r Liberté 38180 SEYSSINS
04 38 12 80 86

Lotito Michel A
9 chem Agnelas 38700 LA TRONCHE
04 76 42 06 11

Lotito Michel dit M Mangetout
33 bd République 38500 VOIRON
04 76 31 62 06

Information comes from the France Telecom whitepages
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WCityMike meant 'prepend', not 'append'
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Oh, and drop the first zero from the number too, it's not needed when calling internationally.
sorry for the double-small!

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I feel like "Bonjour, est-ce que vous mangez des bicyclettes?" should be in this article on useful phrases abroad.
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I think I remember reading that M. Mangetout died some years ago.
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I have a vague recollection of reading "Guinness stopped the food records after some idiot ate a bicycle and died a couple of months later." I never knew the nom.
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I'm pretty sure the ban on food records was preemptive, not reactive. The whole thing is pretty stupid if you think about it - today I break the world record for eating a shower curtain, tomorrow you break the world record for eating a mailbox. The bicycle was pure novelty, but the slope is slippery...
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Best answer: Lotito Michel dit M Mangetout
33 bd République 38500 VOIRON
04 76 31 62 06

Did everyone else miss this?
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Response by poster: Whoa, I sure did. Thanks!
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Bicycle, shmicycle.

According to Wikipedia, the guy ate an entire aircraft (a Cessna 150).
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