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Mr Corpse, if you're reading this: look away. My 20th wedding anniversary is very soon and I've decided to go for quantity, not quality, to celebrate. Our wedding photos were terrible and so I'm going to get one of the worst printed on as many cheap things as I can find. Please recommend things, especially things that can be used outside.

We'll be on a camping trip and I want to gradually overwhelm our campsite with... stuff. Who makes the best beer coozies? The best printed socks? Pens? What else can I slap a photo on? Stuff like a shower curtain, while awesome, wouldn't really work on a camping trip.

I'm in the US and need to get things within a few weeks, and they need to not have a minimum order.
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In the realm of camping-friendly items, Zazzle will print your horrible photo on frisbees, outdoor pillows, playing cards, a cornhole set, and a door mat (which is nice, actually, for keeping your tent tidy). Looks like everything's available as a one-off, with roughly 10-day turnaround for express orders.
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The Avery for DARK fabric transfer is some of the best quality iron on transfer paper available, in case you need to deface something you already own. If your printer doesn't have the chops, you can take your paper and file to a fedex office and they'll print it onto your stuff for you.
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Apron(s)? Mugs? bonus points for getting one of the "magic" mugs that looks black until you fill it with hot liquid . . .where it reveals more of your wedding photos (wallgreens sells these)
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Oh, and these terrifying Freakmasks ship to the US in 7–10 days. Make like you're 20 years younger and tripping balls, or swap with Mr. Corpse and create your own woodsy Face/Off experience.
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I mean, this is kind of the money especially if you’re going weird.
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You could get a yard sign (like a realtor sign) printed in full color. You could get a giant banner you could hang from trees.
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Walgreens does blankets and pillows. They also do placemats, cutting boards, and coasters. Kinda pricey, but a resource.
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You can get beach towels printed with your photo.

Blankets. Tote Bags. Playing Cards. Jigsaw Puzzles.
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You can get pictures printed on icing. Pack carefully, apply to cake.
Print a bunch and make one of those adorbs banners. Super-easy to make and cheap so you can make a LOT.
Iron-ons -> Pillowcases, tshirts, of course, your underwear, His underwear, make cloth napkins, tablecloth. Hustle up some white sheets, make bandanas and banners to hang inside and outside the tent.
Get balloons printed, maybe even bring helium.
Will you have electricity? Get a slide made, project onto tent.
We just had an election and there are still some campaign signs out there. It's easy to remove the cardstock sign, fold it inside out to get a nice white sign, mount a large copy of the pic. 20-30 of these around the campsite and/or many of them on the route to the campsite.

You are my new hero. Please post reaction shots and pics of the event.
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All overprint T-shirt with the photo tiled completely would be grand!
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Photo cupcakes?
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I think the first instance that the photo is revealed should be with some undies from furnace.heart’s link. Like, it’s a normal camping trip the first day until things start to get frisky, clothes start to come off, and then BAM! Wedding photo undies!
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Half the people in my parenting group have gotten their partners socks from divvyup with comedy/tragedy baby faces for mothers/fathers/birth day presents. They have all been impressed with the quality and hilarity.
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While iron-ons would be much cheaper and allow you to use finished items, you could also print the photos on fabric at Spoonflower, which also allows you to publish your custom print and use it for homewares on Roostery. These strike me as keepsake pricing, but it's there, anyway.

This is my favourite idea ever, I hope you both have a great trip.
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Response by poster: Throughout the day Mr Corpse was horrified by socks, beer cooizes, a blanket, a beach towel, outdoor pillows, our kids' T-shirts, the dogs from a neighboring campsite, travel mugs, the gold tokens from Splendor, and assorted other decorations that are still showing up scattered around the house. Many thanks to you guys for the suggestions, to the company that messed up my order and sent me twice as much stuff as I ordered, and to Secretariat and cortex for the astounding woodwork.
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That beach towel is SPECTACULAR. Thanks for posting the pictures!
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