Resources to help someone detained by ICE in Tacoma detention center
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I found out through facebook that an old friend that I no longer know well has just been detained by ICE, apparently currently at Northwest Detention Center, in Tacoma WA. His girlfriend is spearheading the fundraising effort for legal help. They haven't secured a lawyer yet as the current case loads are extremely high. I am trying to brainstorm ideas on how to help him.

His girlfriend already called NW Immigrant Rights Project website and seems like their line is already overwhelmed and she is unsure anyone will ever get back to her. She is also working on several leads for local immigration lawyer but nothing confirmed yet. I feel pretty helpless. Perhaps there is not much I can do other than donating to his legal fund, but if there is anything else the hivemind can think of that can help a person in his cirumcstance.
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NWIRP dominates things but depending on your friend's country of origin, try contacting one of their partners that specializes in a particular region to try to get you higher on the list.
They got two mothers released this weekend and people are excited but things are really slow going to be sure.
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Best answer: You can send mail to him, and you can deposit money directly to his account in the detention center - not likely to help change any outcomes, but he needs money to make phone calls, and it can at least improve his days in detention.
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From the end of the page taoK links to:
What are the stages of immigration court proceedings? The first type of hearing a detainee will attend is called a Master Calendar Hearing. This hearing is similar to an arraignment in criminal court. At the hearing, many detainees will be brought to the courtroom at once, and the judge will spend a short time talking to each one. The judge will explain the government’s charges and inform the detainee of his or her rights. The judge will ask whether the detainee agrees with the government’s charges, listed in a document called a “Notice to Appear” (NTA). At this hearing, the detainee can also ask for a Bond Hearing, to get a bond or to get bond lowered. The detainee can also ask for more time to find a lawyer by requesting a Continuance.

If the detainee is eligible for a form of “relief” (a defense against deportation or removal) and wishes to apply for this relief, the judge will schedule an Individual Hearing. This also sometimes called a “merits hearing,” since this is when the detainee must present arguments for why he or she qualifies and should be allowed to stay in the U.S. The government attorney will also make arguments for why the detainee should be deported. Each side can present evidence and call witnesses. The judge will make a decision based on the arguments made at this hearing.

If the detainee disagrees with the judge’s decision at the Individual Hearing, he or she has the right to appeal to Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). To appeal, the BIA must receive a “Notice of Appeal” from the detainee within 30 days of the decision issued at the Individual Hearing. The detainee can make arguments in the Notice of Appeal, or can indicate that he or she will be sending arguments in a written statement, called a “brief.” If the detainee submits a brief, he or she must do so by the time set by the BIA, or the BIA will reject the appeal. All arguments and decisions are made in writing, and are sent by mail.

If the detainee disagrees with the BIA decision, he or she has the right to appeal to Federal Circuit Court. The Circuit Court for California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, among others, is the 9th Circuit.

Another method of relief, mainly for those who have been ordered deported but who ICE is unable to deport, can challenge their detention through a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Individuals interested in pursuing this option should contact their local Federal Public Defenders for more information.
Could you research how your friend would file these requests and documents and mail your friend or the girlfriend information or examples or something? Particularly it seems as though how to successfully request or justify a Continuance for more time to find a lawyer would be important.
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Are they already in touch with the folks fighting the Tacoma ICE? If not, drop me a memail with an email address and I’ll try to get you linked up.
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