Looking for Wisconsin politics Twitter/blogs/podcasts/whatever
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Wisconsin mefites -- what are your favorite sources for local politics?

That's pretty much it. I don't feel like there's very much detail on legislative news -- or campaign news either, really -- in our local papers or on WPR. I'm looking for recommendations on people to follow and stuff to read.

Thanks metafilter!
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Mr. eirias adores the WPR Politics podcast.
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The Battleground Wisconsin Podcast is pretty solid.
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Check out The Wheeler Report for detailed news on political happenings in Wisconsin.

On Twitter, these folks work in the Capitol press room and their main focus is Wisconsin Politics. Molly Beck, Jessie Opoien, Laurel White, Patrick Marley, Scott Bauer.

Jessie Opoien also has a 2018 election podcast. I haven't listened to it so I can't speak for it's quality but here you go.
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While it's not the sole focus of either publication, the Wisconsin Gazette and the Capital Times both often have good higher-level coverage of elections and political issues.
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I've been listening to the Wisconsin Podcast to get my bearings since moving here. Although it doesn't always release as often as I'd like.
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God, I hate the wpr politics podcast.

Battleground Wisconsin is great, but comes from a very clear and openly left perspective. Wedge Issues is new and produced by the cap times. It’s interview-based, so not as newsy as the others.
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Media Trackers is WI-specific and they have a podcast too.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much, you guys, I will check out all of these.
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FYI, a bit of research reveals that Media Trackers is an unapologetically partisan (conservative/Republican) site. A quick perusal of its current content suggests that any coverage of Democratic candidates seems focused on tearing them down or seeding negative stories to be picked up by more mainstream sites.
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