I need lodging recommendations
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So I'm flying into Burbank airport in early Dec on a Saturday, going to a show at the Palladium Sat night, and flying out on Sunday. I'll be using Lyft to get around. Given this set of information, anyone have any good lodging recommendations for me? Near airport, near venue, someplace reasonable in-between, I don't care. Just someplace that will work for that kind of in-and-out weekend. Also, I'm not fancy.
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It’s been a decade, but I always stayed at the Safari Inn in Burbank and found it convenient to the airport and that part of LA. Free airport shuttle, even.
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There's a Best Western about 1/2 mile away from the venue. One of the nearby underpasses is a storage venue and the other is a transient camp.
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You're at a bit of a disadvantage because you're arriving in prime summer tourist season. The Cahuenga Pass area is the perfect location for you. There are a few super-dumpy motels, seriously run-down and the sites of many arrests and nonsense. The places that are a step up may be at their peak pricing, but it's worth investigating:

The Beverly Garland
Tilt Hotel
I'd also just check rates on the Universal Hilton and the Universal Marriot because they're larger and may be running specials.
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Response by poster: BlahLaLa: I'm a bit at a loss about how early December is prime summer tourist season. Also, are you recommending to me the horrible hotels or the ones a step above?
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OH -- excuse me. I completely misread and thought you were coming now. I am recommending those listed hotels, not the crappy-level motels in the same area. Mid-December, before schools' holiday break/Christmas tourism/etc is probably a good time to get a decent rate.
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Response by poster: There's a Best Western about 1/2 mile away from the venue. One of the nearby underpasses is a storage venue and the other is a transient camp.

So are you recommending this hotel to me? Or steering me away from it? This is opaque to me. Please explain.
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I came to recommend the Safari Inn, too. Clean, reliable, easy to use, a tiny dash of movie history.
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Trip advisor currently lists it at #70 out of 376 in LA proper. It's within walking distance but I wouldn't walk beneath underpasses after dark.
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I would pass on Safari Inn. There's nowhere to eat within walking distance. I'd go for downtown Burbank, where you'll have great cafes and restaurants to choose from. It's a 10 minute ride from the airport and maybe 20 to Hollywood. (Maybe even less on a Saturday evening.) Another option would be to stay near the Red Line (probably in Universal City, unless you are feeling adventurous and want to explore Silver Lake or DTLA) – the Hollywood and Vine Red Line stop is two blocks from the Palladium.

Do not stay in Hollywood.
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