Charging case for an iPhone 6?
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My iPhone 6 is now 3.5 years old, and the battery is not what it used to be. Although I have a decent external power bank, I was curious if anyone here had a charging/battery case that they could recommend. There seem to be a variety on Amazon, but several that I looked at did not seem to pass the fake review test. (I am looking to replace the phone eventually, just not right now.)
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I’d just get a new battery from Apple for $29. You can preorder and it only take about 30 mins in the shop for the install; just back everything up first.
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Response by poster: Sorry, forgot to include: I have replaced the battery once already less than a year ago.
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I've been happy with the Apple Smart Battery Case for my iPhone 6s. I wanted extra battery plus a grippier case than the very slippery 6s alone, after the phone slipped out of a jacket pocket when I was bending over, and the case works well on both counts.
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I don't know what "the fake review test" is.

My gf bought a Mophie waterproof phone case with battery. Unfortunately the plug inside the case didn't connect well with the socket in the phone, which caused charging problems. Sorry I can't provide the specific Mophie model number. Look for this problem in the reviews.
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If you replaced the battery at a third party place, it could be dramatically worse than the OEM battery installed by Apple, which should bring your battery life back to pretty much new unless you play very graphics intensive games.
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