You didn't hire me but can we connect on LinkedIn?
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I had a phone screener set up by a recruiter, had a good conversation with the manager, but feedback was that they while they liked me, I was not what they were looking for. The recruiter also sent me the manager's LinkedIn profile. So: Is it acceptable to connect professionally with the manager that I spoke with? And, if so, any suggestions on how to phrase this? Thank you.

My feeling is something along the lines of: "Sorry to hear that I will not be joining your team however I enjoyed our conversation and I'd like to connect with you and your contacts. Please feel free to share my profile with anyone who you think might be interested."
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It's totally fine to connect with them on LinkedIn. I would just say something simple like "I enjoyed our conversation and would like to stay in touch professionally." I receive these requests all the time from candidates and it's not weird at all.
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This is fine, but don't include the explicit ask to connect with contacts. "Sorry to hear that I will not be joining your team; however, I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to staying in touch."
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I recently lost an employee who, before we hired them, was " not what they were looking for" at another company, but a year later they were looking to fill a position he was a better fit for and called him up, much to my disappointment -- but if you want this sort of opportunity for yourself, being LinkedIn buddies only increases the likelihood you will still be on their radar in the future. Totally fine.
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I've done this as an applicant, and accepted requests from candidates we didn't move forward in a search. Go ahead (but agree with the sentiment above to not mention their contacts).
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Absolutely connect wit them on Linkedin. I wouldn't say anything about them not hiring you, or ask them to introduce you to other people. joan_holloway's script is perfect.
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I've done this, especially if I felt like I connected with the hiring manager or recruiter. I had a hiring manager recommend me to one of her contacts who had an open position that was a better fit.

For all the bad job hunting experiences, on my hunt I encountered a few amazing and kind people. It's worth connecting. You have nothing to lose.
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Unanimous! Thanks all for stopping me from overthinking this one.
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