I gave UPS the wrong address. Now what?
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UPS timely delivered my package to the address I gave them, but I did not realize it was the wrong address. There is no forwarding service with UPS the way there is with USPS, apparently.

I gave a not-easily-replaceable wedding gift to a friend via UPS last month. Unbeknownst to me, she had moved in March and is now across Santa Monica from where I sent the package. UPS tracking shows that the package was left/successfully delivered to the address I gave them, where someone else lives now. If I lived in the LA area, I would just drop a note with my email/phone and ask if they would mind if I picked it up myself, but that is not practical from Texas. Is there any way you can think of to get the package delivered to the new address?
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Send the recipient a note explaining the situation and asking when would be a good time to pick up the item. Then use a service like TaskRabbit or Care.com to actually pick it up and deliver it. Depending on where they both live it could cost between $40 and $100. Be prepared for the possibility that the recipient may not want to surrender it.
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Was it shipped directly from a vendor, or was it a personal thing you shipped yourself? If from a vendor, they have ways to handle misdeliveries like that (and, as long as you're not doing it on the regular, will usually just replace and resend the item, since most people don't make the mistake twice!).
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Can you not just message your friend and explain the situation? She only moved 4 months ago, you may not be the only one who has made that mistake. Sounds like she's still in the same city so the simplest thing would be for her to go to her old address and ask if they accepted a package for her.
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Yes, definitely message your friend about this even if you are not going to involve them in picking up the package. Surely you are not the only person with the old address, and they might need to get this information to others as well.
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