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Recent dance club bangers not in English?

I like dance music in languages I don't understand -- I like the sound and emotion of a human voice, but I don't want any dumbass lyrics impairing my groove... or even good lyrics distracting me from it. I looove dance music that combines modern and Western sounds and traditional/non-Western instruments, rhythms or singing styles. For a long time, Bollywood music directors and UK bhangra artists were churning out more excellent stuff than my booty could even handle, but now the golden age of what I like seems to have passed, at least in India and the desi diaspora. (God I would love to be wrong about that though! Maybe I'm not looking in the right places?)

It doesn't have to be Indian. I don't really speak any language but English, so any other language and cultural tradition is A-OK with me! Just with vocals (!important), that are not in English, recent (last 5 years or so?), and ideally with some kind of non-Western/traditional flavor -- and a big sweaty everybody-on-the-floor banger.

When I say dance music, I don't mean danceable (excellent) music like this or this -- I mean like this or this or this. Notice none of that is recent! Recent would be good!

Thanks for any suggestions!
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BLACKPINK's ddu du ddu du is a recent #1 Kpop song that seems to fit your criteria. If you like that one, you could try their other hit boombayah too.
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Vai Malandra by Anitta was a huge hit in Brazil last summer. Caution: the video is not child friendly in the slightest.

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Mariana BO - Antonio, new and from Mexico
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