Is it possible to move already-existing Notes from Gmail to iPhone?
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I have a bunch of Notes originally created on an iPhone that are no longer linked to an iPhone or iCloud account. Now, the only place they exist is in my Gmail account. Is it possible to move them to my iPhone Notes app? If so, how?

I've searched online and see a program that can apparently do this using a Mac, but I'm on a PC. There's tons of information out there explaining how to sync accounts, and I've done that, but that only seems to apply to newly created notes--linking my iPhone Notes app to my Gmail account doesn't retroactively suck up all the Notes currently in Gmail to my iPhone. I've also found lots of information about the reverse journey, sending Notes from an iPhone to a Gmail account. But I can't find any info about this apparently very specific issue! Any suggestions?

To recap: is it possible to move Notes that currently exist and are only saved in Gmail to an iPhone? If so, how?
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I’ve never done this myself, but it’s apparently possible to create notes using, and those will then show up in the app on iOS devices connected to that iCloud account. Copying and pasting your notes might be a bit laborious if you have a lot, but it seems like a solution.
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I’m hoping to keep the time stamp with each Note, so unfortunately copying and pasting isn’t ideal. I can’t believe this is so challenging! They can go from the Notes app to Gmail so easily, it seems like the other way around should be easier!
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I am a confirmed Android user so I have no knowledge of the specifics of how to do this, but my three children and ex-wife are all iPhone fanatics. What I did learn from them is that if you get the right person at the Genius Bar or online help, they can usually solve any issue. But I am sure you know that.

If this can be done with a Mac, then you have changed your problem from how to do it at all to how do I get a Mac to do this. I would look into whether my local library has a Mac or lends Mac laptops. If that is not possible, I am sure you could rent a Macbook from a local shop. I have left my laptop at home on a business trip and the concierge at my hotel arranged for a rental.
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I had success doing this a while back. The notes need to be labeled in Gmail as "notes". You will also need to set up a folder in the notes section that syncs to that email address. Maybe the easiest thing to do is first set up a new synced folder, then creating a test note so you can use that label as a template for the others.
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