Best deals on photo paper and advice for large format printing?
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I finally have time in my life to explore my cherished Epson Artisan 1430 inkjet printer. It prints up to Super B size (13"x19") and is used by a lot of artists for prints and photo printing. Where can I get the good deals on photo paper for it? And what are some great things I can do with this printer?

I feel like I have the ink angle covered-- I have a Continuous Ink Supply System installed. It was done by Cobra Ink in Tennessee and now I can just refill the large tanks on the side and my cost of printing is pretty low.

I was super busy for a long time and never really studied how to best use one of these printers. Things I have done so far are print large photos of the deceased for a relative's funeral, and print occasional color graphs while I was finishing up my degree. What are the awesome things I can do with this printer?

Also, who has good experience with buying photo and other papers from online retailers? I have a feeling that off-brand photo paper can look good and be a lot cheaper than OEM Epson papers, but I don't know how to find the deals. Thank you for any advice you can give!
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Here is continuous ink explained by Wikipedia for those who have not heard the term before.
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If you're ok with using non-Epson paper, Canon has crazy good photo paper deals every once in a while, like buy 1 get 9 free + 50% off. Those sales hit all paper sizes and surfaces. Two years ago I bought paper in one of these deals and spent $183 to buy what turned out to be a total of 700 sheets of 13x9, 400 of 8.5x11, 300 of 5x7 and 1000 of 4x6 (in various combinations of their standard and pro sheets and different surfaces). Follow canonpricewatch or a similar site to catch the sales.
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And that was free shipping, btw.
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So, I run a somewhat larger printer (a 24" roll-fed HP) these days, but I used to use a printer that ate stock the same size. It depends what you want your print longevity to be, and since you're using a CISS, it's harder to say. Your ink supplier may have recommendations about paper.

However, my great trick for paper on the cheap is to find what works, and then go looking for it on eBay. I do this for ink as well, and it's why I can do things like "why yes, I will print a pile of posters / protest signs / cover your wall in cat pictures" and not really care about ink/paper costs.
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Costco Kirkland 13x19" glossy photo paper is $44.99 for a pack of 50. I haven't tried the big stuff yet, but their letter size glossy photo paper works great on an old 8-ink Canon i9900 I resuscitated recently. (And third-party ink for that particular printer is dirt cheap.)
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oops, realized I wrote 700 sheets of 13x9 but meant 13x19. Also, my printer is the Epson r2000, for comparison. I have a hard time telling the difference between prints on Epson paper and Canon paper from it.
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I have had excellent results for years with Red River papers.

This link is to papers specifically for the Epson 1430, which is what I have.

They also publish all kinds of hints and instructions on various techniques if you're interested.

Of particular interest may be the tutorials and links to stuff like printer-specific color profiles for all their papers.
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