Comics collections / graphic novels for a 7 year old?
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My 7 year old got really into Akissi: Tales of Mischief this week, and I'm looking for field-tested recommendations of other graphic novels and comic collections that he might enjoy.
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A dude I know runs a pretty rad comics review site, and his list of graphic novel recommendations for kids is really excellent, in my experience.
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Mouse Guard
(Also in case you didn't know, many/most public libraries now have graphic novels available as e-book loans)
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Not on that great list sleeping bear posted is Cucumber Quest which has print books and a webcomic.
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My little guy is the same age and he's into the Captain Underpants series.
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Elf Cat in Love is an off-the-wall comic book my (4yo) kid absolutely loves. I don't think it was written with kids in mind in particular, but it is silly.

Cartozia Tales is a super-good all-ages comic series with many indie comics artists contributing.

Basewood is an epic (with some violent monster attacks) graphic novel with amazingly gorgeous artwork that my kid also adores and has us read from regularly for the last year. Pre-read for your level of comfort.

By the same author, Isle of Elsi is his free kids webcomic with adventures and a dragon and kids figuring things out by being clever.

I have heard very good things about Cucumber Quest which is rated for ages 8 - 12.

The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo is excellent and the second collection is coming out this fall. You can read some of it here on the author's website.

CatStronauts! is a 4 book collection so far about Cat Astronauts and many cat-related puns flying to space and the moon and Mars. My kid also loves these and they are rated for ages 8+. (If you order from that link, the author will sign them for you!)
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My seven year old loved Rollergirl, even though he has no experience with middle school yet, and he's enjoyed some others by the same author. I think The Great Pet Escape and its sequel are pitched a tiny bit younger.
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Good list above with a lot of our favorites from the library (The Kurdles is my number one most rereadable kids comic book). I'd add the Megaman-esque Hilo and all of Sara Varon's books. Her Bake Sale has many recipes for desserts in addition to a good story.
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Based on the description, I'd second Captain Underpants and add Yotsuba. They're both comics that work at about that reading level, about kids being slightly naughty and/or goofy and independent, in ways that other kids can really identify with.
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I love giving Laura Knetzger's Bug Boys Vol 1 to kiddos in my life. It's a hit.

I also agree with the rec for The Creepy Case Files of Margo Maloo. I'd add the Hilda series by Luke Pearson and also, Jeff Smith's absolute classic, Bone (which you can get in a giant collected volume now).
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My soon-to-be 7 year old is into a few series: The Amulet, Dog Man, The Bad Guys, Hilo, Rutabaga the Adventure Chef.
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What does your 7-year-old like about Akissi? Is it the humor? The setting? The artwork? That it's a comic and comics are cool (because they are)? Knowing what he likes about Akissi may help narrow down his choices. (Depending on what kind of reader he is, 7 can be a little tough to pin down. It's right on the edge of a cutoff range for children's books -- you have things grouped for 5-7 year-olds and then 8-11 year-olds.)

The Hilda books, also from Nobrow/Flying Eye, are fantasy adventures and a bit more serious in tone, but still a lot of fun and engaging. They're great so I second the recommendation of them.

Astronaut Academy by Dave Roman has a lot of the same goofiness (it has a sci-fi setting, but very cartoon-like).

The Science Comics series are aimed at 9-13 year olds, so they may be a little out of his age range, but some of titles of the series might suit. Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales may also be a bit too old (8+) but they're popular with a lot of young boys (there is a lot of age-appropriate gross-out stuff, though. There is one about the Donner Party, after all).

(I think 7 is too young for Basewood and Cartozia Tales, although I enjoy both.)
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Seconding quince-- my 7 year old daughter just devoured Jeff Smith's Bone after discovering the books on my shelf. Funny, exciting, cute at first, and a little darker and more grown-up as the story progresses. You can get that enormous one-volume collection, or individual trade paperbacks if you'd rather dole it out over time.
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Zita the Space Girl and its sequel are both awesome, and were big hits with my nephews.
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I'm dropping in to recommend the Arnie the Doughnut series. My 7-year-old also likes Missile Mouse and Ghosts.

My 7 year old is also into the cartoon Teen Titans Go!, and so my local comic books purveyor hand-sold us Tiny Titans, which has been a big hit.

Some other graphic novels mentioned upthread are great, such as the Amulet series, Roller Girl, Hilo, and Bone.
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Red's Planet and its sequel by Eddie Pitman

My kids both loved Calvin & Hobbes.
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Seconding Yotsuba. Everyone loves Yotsuba, not only will your kid love it so will you. It's a comic about nothing. Just the daily life of a five year old girl in Japan.

And it is delightful, amusing, interesting, and generally fantastic.
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I'm bookmarking this for my own graphic-novel-loving 7 year old. Everything I'm listing are things I've enjoyed as well.

Seconding The Kurdles and Margo Maloo. They were big enough hits in our house that after we took them out of the library for the 3rd time I bought them. I really enjoy them too, actually. I'm thrilled to hear there's going to be a second Margo book and would really love for there to be a Kurdles sequel.

the Hildafolk series has been popular. (Hilda and the Troll is the first book).

The Zita the Spacegirl series and by the same author, the Mighty Jack series.

The Star Scouts series (girl protagonist of color!).

The Jedi Academy series (4 books so far) is surprisingly good for a tie-in series. It is non-canon and the only character from the movies is Yoda. I keep catching my son cackling in the corner while he reads it.

The Bone series and the Lumberjanes series are also can't-miss books.
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Nthing Amulet & Mouse Guard. My kid also loves Dream Jumper, John Stanley's Nancy, old Krazy Kat strips, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. He also likes a lot of the Silver Age comics from my childhood. My kid didn't connect much with Captain Underpants or Bone.
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What does your 7-year-old like about Akissi?

He seemed to like that it was a realistic, unsentimental depiction of what kids are like (i.e. kind of gross and anarchic), and that it was set in a different country / culture, so some of the experiences (like having to go outside to go outside at night to go to the bathroom) were novel to him.
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Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson. They literally harvest space whale poop in this thing, your kid should love it.

El Deafo by Cece Bell, autobiographical about the adventures of a young American deaf girl and her amazing hearing aids.

Lowriders in Space (Cathy Camper words, Raul Gonzalez pictures)

I think most anything else I would recommend is listed above (LUMBERJANES 4 LIFE)
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oh, and of course, I found all of the above books at my local library. Ask your librarians, and they shall give you advice.
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"I'm thrilled to hear there's going to be a second Margo book and would really love for there to be a Kurdles sequel."
Actually, there sort of is a Kudles sequel. The Kurdles Adventure Magazine (amazon version) is a collection of stories from Kurdletown and a few unrelated comics from other authors that feel similar but with very different art styles.
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Because the second book in the series is coming out in October, I got us The Unsinkable Walker Bean and my now-5yo loves it. Adventure, magic skulls, pirates, mechanical inventions, secret code cracking tablets, giant crustacean sea witches... This one is rated for ages 9 - 14.
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