Searching for the ideal balcony loveseat
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Help me find the perfect outdoor/patio loveseat for my balcony. Personal recommendations would be wonderful. Or recommendations of brick and mortar stores in Seattle.

I just moved into an apartment with a lovely balcony and I want to make the best possible use of it.

I'm looking for something with good cushions (supportive but comfortable) that has a small-ish footprint but is deep enough for me to curl up on with my legs crossed (and I am not tiny). The balcony itself is about 56" deep, so I probably don't want anything more than 36-38" deep. I would also like it to have arms.

Ideally I'd be able to try something out in person, but the places I've been nearby (in Seattle) seem to only sell huge outdoor sofas meant for decks, or small little chairs. So it seems like for what I want, I may have to buy online, which is why personal recommendations, or Seattle store recommendations, would be great.

This loveseat from Target is close to what I'm looking for (though I don't love the arms), but appears to be sold out.
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Can you define "smallish footprint" in inches/feet? I see some worth recommending that meet your depth requirement, but not sure what your maximum is for width.
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Molbak's in Woodinville brings me joy. They have a wide selection of outdoor furniture, unfortunately none posted online so you can see if their current stock suits you. Molbak's is part outdoor living, part craft, and large part nursery - so even if you walk away empty handed without furniture, you can spend a nice afternoon in there and in the Woodinville area.

Have you been to the Home Depot? The Hampton Bay Beverly conversation set has a loveseat that fits your requirements, though I do tend to put my feet on the coffee table and not curl up in it. That particular set is back ordered, but there are similarly sized loveseats such as this one that might meet your needs. You can check the stock for your Home Depot store on the website if you want to try it first.
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The only online patio furniture I can safely vouch for is World Market. (Wayfair and Overstock are such crapshoots.) World Market has good outdoor furniture with quality, comfy cushions. I've tried the first one in the store and my friends own the second one:

Praiano Outdoor Bench (currently on sale at World Market) - 65.75"W x 30.24"D x 23.62"H

All Weather Marina Del Rey Outdoor Occasional Bench (World Market) - 72.05"W x 33.27"D x 27.17"H - this one has more comfortable arm rests for lounging, but is out of stock online (but may be in-stock at the physical location). You can sign up for updates or see if it's in stock at one of the World Markets in Seattle (I see there is one on Western Ave).
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nightrecordings, the balcony is 16 feet wide so width is not a huge concern. Most loveseats that are “two seat-cushion size” should be fine.
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I got a nice cozy wicker loveseat at Pier One. Smaller than similar ones elsewhere such as home depot, but very sturdy and comfortable. Sorry no link as I am about to get off the train, but they have a few options.
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