Men's barber/stylist in the East Bay, CA
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I've had long hair for ages, but now I need to get a dang haircut ASAP. I have no idea how it should be styled, especially with recent, er, temporal changes in my hairline. Is there any place I can go in the next day within striking distance of Oakland?

My hairline has retreated somewhat since the last time I had a haircut. I have a job interview as soon as tomorrow, which I was not expecting. Is there any place I can go in the next day where someone can help me work out my new, rapidly-entering-middle-age style?
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How about Temescal Alley Barbershop? Walk-in only, open 9-6 and they should be able to give you something good and reasonably on-trend.
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I had a good experience at Manifesta in downtown Oakaland when I wanted some opinions on changing up my long hair to a shorter cut. FWIW, I wouldn't recommend Slick and Dapper - I've found them good when I know what I want, but they've been unhelpful when I needed feedback or consultation on a new style.
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(minor self-adjacent-promotion) my daughter works at the People's Barber on Polk St, but they have an Oakland location as well, I have heard good things (of course, from a biased source, but I trust her opinion :) )

Edit: she says both of the previous recommendations are good barbershops as well.
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When I lived in Berkeley, I used to go to The Shop at 1481 Shattuck in Berkeley, and they always did nice work. I've been losing my hair since the middle of grad school (it's still retreating) and they always did right by me.
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I asked a well-groomed friend in Oakland, who seconded Temescal Alley, and added that they are cash only.
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Cool, thanks! I'm planning on going to Temescal Alley in the morning (was going to go this afternoon but got held up). The other places looked good, but I think the Temescal people might be closest to my style sensibilities. Plus, when I'm done I can go play with cool vintage synths at Waveformless!
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I love Temescal Alley but got sick of the wait. I almost don’t want to give away my secret but try any of the guys at Mark Jason Solofa’s Shop in Berkeley. They take reservations and will take damn fine care of you.
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