Will we ever see a re-release of "Let It Be?"
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The recent updating and re-release of Yellow Submarine reminds me that Let It Be is the one Beatles movie I would love to see re-released. I don't expect it will be, though, because (aside from the rooftop concert) it captures some contentious moments in the run-up to the eventual breakup, and no one is eager to show those again. Does anyone know?
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Best answer: Apple Corps tends to dribble these things out. They're probably waiting for the 50th anniversary. This year a deluxe White Album is rumored. So, perhaps 2020.

Allegedly the footage has already been cleaned up and reedited.
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I'm not so sure it will be rereleased while the remaining band members are alive. I've never managed to find a non-bootleg copy; apparently Starr and McCartney blocked a DVD release, though now McCartney claims it's not true.
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