Vasectomy reversal specialist recommendations?
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Have read extensively about vasectomy reversals so have a general idea of what to expect process-wise. Now looking for specific recommendations for doctors/centers from those who have gone through a reversal or were closely involved in one (such as partners).

Prefer locations in the Northeast US but willing to travel around North America. What experience did you (or a close one) have with the doctor, and why would you recommend this person/clinic? What questions would you recommend asking the doctor beforehand? Throwaway email:
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The doctor my ex got his from has retired. But we chose based on experience. We traveled out of state to go to a center that did hundreds per year, instead of using a local urologist who had done, like, five. I'm pretty sure that's a better way to go.

So I would ask about experience and success rate. (They won't be able to give a PREGNANCY success rate but they should be able to give a "viable semen was present after operation" success rate.)
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I had my vas done by Dr Paul Turek in the Bay Area. I did a lot of research, and he had a great reputation for both vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, those are his specialties.
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