What was that big headed, faceted, transparent figurine?
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A few years ago while walking my dog in the park, I found a little toy animal character figurine that some kid had dropped in the dirt. It was a few inches high with a big head, faceted like a huge gemstone, clear and transparent with a pretty lavenderish tint to it. I left the thing on a wall in the park hoping its owner would find it, but every once in a while I remember it and wonder what it was and whether I could get one to sparkle in the sun on my windowsill. So, what was it?
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Best answer: Was it a Crystal Surprise pet?
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Response by poster: Crystal Surprise is close! In my memory the "crystal" facets were smaller than Crystal Surprise, and it didn't have big painted-on eyes, but that's probably just my memory messing with me.
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Crystal Surprise pets are really small, for what it's worth. My kid grabbed a bunch from a close-out at dollar store and they are maybe an inch tall (with translucent accessories which are REALLY easy to vacuum up, being the size of a large ant.)
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Best answer: Crystal Surprise--Dazzly? On Amazon, slightly different color.
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You could get a prism instead and it would cast lovely rainbows.
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Funko Pop has some that are clear

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Response by poster: I think it's got to be a Crystal Surprise, unless Crystal Surprise is a knockoff of a more elegant Japanese toy or something. Dazzly seems like a reasonably good match. It doesn't match my memory exactly, but memory is bunk. Thanks!
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One more thought just in case... your description reminded me of 3-D Crystal Puzzles.
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