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I'm making a short video about Rin Tin Tin that I’m posting on YouTube on 10 September (his centennial). I want to premiere the video with a relevant blog. Who should I pitch this to?

I reached out to the podcast Can I Pet Your Dog and the Twitter account I’ve Pet That Dog, but neither have gotten back to me. I’ve been thinking of pitching Dog Rates, but I know they’re swamped. I also reached out to BarkPost, but haven’t heard back from them. I’ve been wary of sending this to The Dodo because of their ownership policy; I also contacted a friend with a classic film blog, who passed. I feel like I’m overlooking something. Who else can I pitch?
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Definitely make @theshrillest aware of it! He's a Bay Area writer and LOVES Tintin. He might be able to amplify your signal a little bit.
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Thanks for the tip, Stinkfoot! My video is actually about movie dog Rin Tin Tin.
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I'd say you should think about targetting actual dog publications. Send out a press release to magazines, not just blogs. And while you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to put movie and Hollywood magazines and TV shows on the distribution list as well. Even if you're not a big-name producer, there are days that media outlets have holes to fill on their websites, and things like this would be perfect.
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I'd definitely send it to Anne Helen Petersen.
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