Putting casters on an Ikea Trofast
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We have an Ikea Trofast storage box that we've had for a while and just got some casters to attach to the bottom. I tipped it on its side to attach them and realized the bottom is about 2" up from the floor and not really, like, load bearing? So, how should I attach the casters?

I'd like to be able to easily lock and unlock them, and have the finished product easily support the weight of a medium-size kid. Was thinking maybe a couple of pieces of 2x4 that I'd run along the left and right edges and screw in to the sides? Some corner braces? Something else entirely?
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A small block inside each of the corners and flush with the bottom edges of the side walls would be my first thought, but I might go with the 2x4s on the short edges if kids were going to be climbing on it. If a kid *were* climbing on it, though, I'd be pretty worried about it tipping over.
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Not a woodworker here, but my thought would be to cut a piece of MDF to the footprint of the cabinet, secure it to the bottom cabinet rim that would otherwise touch the ground with glue/screws, and then attach your casters to the corners.
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Castors with triangular mounting plates are an option.
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2x4s cut to fit inside the bottom edges of the box should be fine.

I don't think this box will stand up well to kids putting weight on it. I have a Trofast box myself, and I don't let my kids sit on it, because the way Ikea panels are joined in that unit, any shearing forces will quickly turn it from sturdy wooden furniture to a wobbly wreck to a pile of cracked panels in no time at all. I think there is space to reinforce the frame throughout, though, should you want to go down that route.

Also, I'd be careful with the casters - those brakes are great at damaging unprotected ankles.
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My thought would be a 1x4 board on each short edge, underneath/nailed into the edge that normally supports the weight and not the bottom. I'm not sure how well the bottom is attached and whether its fasteners would hold up to the resulting shear force if you fastened the castors in a way that turn the bottom into the weight bearing surface for the unit.
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I did what lakeroon suggests. In fact, I had Home Depot cut the wood to the size I wanted and then I wood glued it to the bottom of the dresser and attached the feet I wanted to that.

My dresser doesn't move so wood glue was fine. You may want to screw it too since they are taking more abuse?
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I wound up screwing 1x4's to each short edge and it is great so far. Agree that it is a tip hazard for kids to climb on - my intent was more like "should not break if a kid tries to sit on it." Anyway thanks everyone!
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