Babymoon in the Seattle Area
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We're looking to do a 1-2 night getaway within 2-3 hours of Seattle. Criteria follows!

Our daughter is nearly two and I'm expecting again, and my husband and I have yet to spend a night away since the first was born. We want to remedy that! I'm looking for something that will be reliably sunny during the reliably sunny part of Seattle summer, with a nice outdoor pool, decent food options nearby and with some outdoor activities available (light hiking, kayaking, river floating, etc). It needs to be within a 2-3 hour drive of Seattle and not a place I should have booked a year ago if I'd like to go between now and early September. Bonus if there's a good spa on site, points deducted if it's a totally brewery/winery/distillery centric place (i.e. Cave B, Woodinville, etc). Does not need to be kid friendly, our toddler will stay home with grandparents.
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It's probably more like 3.5 hours from Seattle, but I'd go to Skamania. It's a gorgeous setting in the Columbia River Gorge, with multiple outdoor activities nearby. There's a zipline onsite, and they have tree houses if that interests you.
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Victoria, BC meets all of those needs.
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Leavenworth has all those things.
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Suncadia would fit the bill. It's not the way to get a good rate, but I've booked things last minute there.
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